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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2010 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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development. 20 years ago, grocery stores did not have salad bars or soup bars or hot food bars. they helped change that. thank you for your passion and commitment hand dedication to bayview hunters point and all those who need your help. thank you for everything. >> i know you have a busy schedule, so thank you is very much. >> colleagues, unless there are special commendations, why don't we go to our 3:00 special order regarding the potential selection of a successful -- successor major. in order to consider item 57 through 58, we would need to
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approve item 58. if you would please call item 58? >> item 58 is a motion that the board of supervisors convene on december 14 at 3:00 p.m. to discuss the proposed motion to take nominations and appoint a successor -- successor mayor. >> we need to take public comments on whether we should have this motion that we convene to discuss the proposed motion to take nominations and to appoint a successor mayor in the event of a vacancy. let me ask if there are members of the public who wish to speak on this issue. if you could please line up in the center aisle, and any member who wishes to speak on this issue shall have up to two minutes. first speaker please?
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>> our supervisor, i am here to ask you with my respect to each one of you, to give us a chance and to give us a decent mayor to be with us until we get one who can be. that is why i am here to ask you to bring -- to give us a chance for a decent mayor to worry about my city, to worry about each one of us. by our vote, you are here.
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by our vote, you are going to be here, and we do not give our vote for nothing. we have hard times, and that is going to be ending by your choice. i wish good luck for our new mayor. i wish to remind about our former president who used to be before you. i think he can be a gentle man, and he can be our next mayor. do not give up someone. he hides himself, and we
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welcome him. thank you. >> next speaker curator >> good afternoon, supervisors. -- in next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. he took a homeless people off the streets. he went in and made sure the hotels were safe. he also comes to all our events. i was on the committee's. i invited chris daly, and i am so glad he came. where he came from was
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interesting. he came and supported our event. i know we cannot make a decision on who takes the mayor's place until after he is voted out, but i would like to think he would be the only one who would have things in his portfolio that the other districts could see how good he is for everyone. i know he has a strong opinion. please take into consideration that he could be a nominee to take the mayor's latest. >> next speaker -- to take the mayor's place. >> next speaker.
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>> i have worked with several of your. my concern is that we understand what is going on in san francisco right now, and that is that san francisco is more deadly than oakland for african american men. you will find this information that african-americans comprise 63% of homicide victims, so this is really a sad day. on behalf of a mother, she just lost her son.
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i am standing here because two of their mothers had a funeral for as well as myself and other mothers. now i am glad we have the america's cup coming curator -- america's cup coming. we are not moving forward when it comes to the killing. 47 homicides here in san francisco, and this means we are losing lives in san francisco to violence, and we want to see a mayor who is going to get the guns off the streets and to get people employed.
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[applause] >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i of a candidate for mayor in san francisco in 2011. i would like to speak to the process today. there is a more detailed process, so the idea of a prepaid, the idea of the board of electing 15 of the top precentors, this was presented on news feeds. i talked to the clerk and
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supervisors, and they said only a supervisor can nominate somebody for the position. there are other people that would like to participate other than just the elected elite. i would like the ability to have a tender provision to should troops supervisors. if you pay attention to the state as well as the city, these are issues we all need to address, not just as the city and county but also out of respect to santa clara and the other places. i have told people about this,
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and there is the idea of the state bank in the city and county spent. >> thank you. -- state bank and a city and county bank. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> i urge you to nominate a fresh face, someone who has courage, honesty, integrity, and who is a fiscal expert. elections should not be brought corporate interests. i admire chris daly for doing houses for middle income people and the poor here in the city. people are moving out of the city because they cannot find a place to live here anymore. people cannot come here to work because they cannot afford the rent. we have to have a tough mayor.
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i come from new york. we need of bloomberg, somebody who is tough, who gets things done. i have to get things done, because it is very hard, and we need somebody politically inclined -- not politically inclined to put all the people they know on committees who are not qualified to be there. we need qualified people. this is only a few of the things i could recognize. i could go on all day, but let's get somebody who is tough, who could run the sufficiently, and make us all proud, because it sure could get better. thank you. >> i am walter. ♪ there is the mayor for us,
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somewhere a mayor for ross -- us ♪ follow your plan, and i know you will find a woman or man ♪ ♪ one who cares and will figure about the districts and will be there somewhere ♪ ♪ someway, somehow, right now ♪ >> next speaker. >> to echo what walter said, there is a mayor for us, and i am glad we are here today to open up this process, because this process needs to go forward now. we cannot wait until the future. we know there is a vacancy coming up. we have a transition team in
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place, and we could be looking at issues that need to be looked at. the city needs to be governed, and we are not going to be able to do it if you push this decision often to the future. -- off in the future. i know you are capable of making a reasonable evaluation and doing the thing that is right for san francisco. >> supervisor larry bradshaw with tender line. i am here to ask the board to provide the this is one of the most important decisions this board will have ever made. replacing the chief administrative and executive officer and we're asking you not to shy away from that. speaking on behalf of the sciu that carry out the work of this city we would like to see the transition of start as soon as possible and be as smooth as
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possible. whoever is selected for this position needs to put their transition teams together and start working and start tackling this budget. so we're asking you to make that decision and we're asking this board not to shy away from your responsibility. thank you. >> my name is tommy avaneca and been a career activist for the past 40 years. one of the things i ask you is you schedule a meeting after january 4 just in case you don't come to a decision on -- by or for january 4 about an interim mayor. i think the mayor that we need is a person who's going to help those among us with the least, the absolute least. who's going to make sure the budget doesn't jeopardize the poor or make them bear the brunt of the cuts. who's going to look for solutions for homelessness, not further criminalization.
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who's going to see the connections between our struggles, whether they be immigrant rights, economic justice, queer rights, health care for all, whatever. this person will see the connections among all of our struggles. i want to say there are people in this room who i think would be very qualified and very good at that job. i have no doubt. recently, i've had the pleasure to work with david campos on an lgbt shelter. there was a hearing last march which david convened about the tremendous need in this city for an lgbt shelter and i was extremely impressed with his ability to bring together the activists and the city people and get us all to work together in order to achieve that shelter which we have done in fact. and ultimately, i guess personally, as a queer activist, i feel it is time that we have a progressive
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queer latino immigrant mayor here in san francisco. and that person is david campos. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> my name is ace washington. this is copyrighted under the community news service. i'm here to say i'm just totally convinced that this city is totally out of control. and we don't know who's in control. so i'm here to bring this to the world. but i'm african-american. i'm an african-american first. and i am putting this to our current mayor, mr. gavin newsom, and he put together this action plan. and right now i want to know who's in control. >> ♪ i want to know, yeah who's in control right here in san francisco yeah i ask the mayor but he really didn't care
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you know why he's out the door he's tiptoeing up to sacramento and i'm going to talk about you all the board of supervisors some of you are a bunch of liars and you all are going to pick the next mayor the redevelopment i'm going foff to sue and -- to have to sue and make a settlement all the money they spent we don't know where it went and it ain't no accident and now they're gone you know what housing authority they just ignore me then we got the h.r.c. force forgs the human rights you better listen to me it ain't no mystery just check your history and look around blacks are leaving town
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what's going down blacks are leaving this town where's willie brown i guess we're going to have to talk together to jerry brown yeah you know what thrs the second -- this is the second time and i bet he knows what's going down in this town right now i want to talk about city hall it gets silly, you all here at city hall it gets silly all at city hall i'm telling you all because i'm in it, you all right here at city hall ♪ >> i did that to express to the city and county and to the world right here, going to be looking sunshining on us in the next couple of weeks. what's really going down here in silly hall, at city hall, in san francisco, the city that knows how? but you all don't even know how to select the interim mayor. now, what about the indidgent
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citizens, the -- indigenous citizens, the african-americans, are they going to have the world cup in 2013? not enough of us to be in a cup. and you got the housing and you got the 50 cent -- we're not going to be around to enjoy none of that. but i want to know who's in control. president chiu: next speaker. >> my name is brenda barel. i'm with 1021. i'm a city worker. we took our vote last night to say who -- people that we would not object to. we're very divided. many of you have done a lot of things for us in the past. and so we limited to a certain number so this is who it is. david chiu is on the list, john avalos is on the list. ross mirkarimi is on the list. david campos is on the list.
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aaron peskin is on our list. and chris daly is on our list. that's the list of people we would support. because we don't want a fill-in mayor but somebody who can step in and do the job. and there are people on this board that have helped us, too. but we limit it to a certain number. and if we had a bigger number, more would be on the list. but that's where we are right now. hopefully you will do this today. as soon as you can. because we've been told already about budget cuts and all this stuff. and we need somebody who can hilt the ground running. -- hit the ground running. not someone who has to learn everything. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> ok. good afternoon, supervisors, eric brooks, speak being as a little -- speaking as a little grassroots organizer today and not on behalf of anyone in particular. but i will say that i second what previous speakers said
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about even one week, making a huge difference in the new mayor's ability to prepare for this office. you need to get this done today. you need to do it. and as far as the choice of who, it's finally time to start saying who. and i can tell you from my experience, there's -- to me, there's only one choice. and this is a name that's been going around a lot. i would like to be able to get up here and say other names of course as well. but i think we've got to face the reality of who can get the votes at this moment in time. and so a lot of you know i've been doing work on clean energy, one of the organizers for that in san francisco city hall. and there is one person that can gather the votes together and make this happen. that has been really strong on
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clean energy but strong on the other things that tommy mentioned and that others have mentioned. and that person is david campos. and it's because he's been in the lafco. along with ross mirkarimi. really questioning the motivation of the san francisco public utilities commission when it has failed raoestedly to move forward -- repeatedly to move forward, clean power that will give us 50% clean energy in 10 years if we ever start the project. so -- and david as an attorney that's worked on contracts, knows how to drill into this and knows how to hole the sfpc accountable. the world cannot wait any longer for clean power. we need to set the example and we need somebody that can get in there and do that and that's david campos. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is christopher cook.
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i'm with the grassroots democratic club and the budget justice coalition although i'm here speaking as an individual. and first, i do want to really urge this board to make this decision and to move forward with whatever discussion is necessary and really begin moving. because we only have a couple more shots at this before the new board will come in. and we only have about a month before a new mayor would be sworn in. and it's not fair to the city of san francisco, to the voters, to the taxpayers, nor to yourselves, frankly, to not make this decision and not give a new mayor a chance to prepare. normally you get two months to prepare and now we're looking at less than a month. i urge you to make the decision today. i want to say there are about four or five supervisors in the room who i admire and respect deeply. there is one who -- there has been a special groundswell of support across the city, four right now, which is supervisor david campos, and i want to
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join that voice for supervisor campos. my own personal experience is that i actually campaigned originally for a different candidate for district nine. and david has done nothing but convince me that he -- he has been just the most terrific supervisor that you could want. he's fairminded. he's evenhanded. he listens to all sides. he knows his stuff. as a lawyer, he knows governance extremely well. and he's a uniter. he builds bridges. we know this. and i'm going to read you quickly a quote from former supervisor president matt gonzalez who recently endorsed the idea of david campos for mayor. without disparaging the others let me say that david campos has emerged as the conscience of the board of supervisors these past two years. he cares deeply for those on the margins and takes very seriously his charge on behalf of the citizens of san francisco. i'm certain he would make a fine mayor who would work effectively with the board and promote the best of san franciscan values. finally, i urge this board to
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vote today and if not -- >> good evening, board of supervisors. my name is harold miller. i came here not to endorse anyone but food for thought. that if you pick someone, make sure they cannot run for mayor. because all they're going to do is run the city for maybe six, seven months, then the last part of their tuition or whatever you want to call it, they're going to be running for mayor again. and so they're not going to be able to do the job. so we just need somebody that's strong and can't double dip. thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is richard hanlin. i would like to find out what those -- how much those three out of town attorneys are costing us. i want to know what that bill comes to.
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president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, frank martinez, proud member of local sciu 1021. and proud leader in the san francisco latino labor. i rise today to urge the decision made -- be made today. and for reasons i've already shared. the need to take decisive action at a time when we need it. i also rise in support of all of those that may be considered for this position but in particular i rise in support of david campos. as someone who is particularly needed and suited for the city at this particular time. for the following reasons. i believe that what we need is a effective leadership at a time when the status quo does not serve the interests of the vast majority of san
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franciscans and our country is in peril. at this point in time in our history, we need those kinds of leaders who are willing to stand up for san francisco values, stand up for what built this great country, the labor movement, immigrant rights movement, women, and the very -- the various constituents that represent all of us and all of our endeavors. for all of those reasons, i hope that you take the -- make the decision today and stand in support of david campos but i also urge that you take whatever action is necessary to schedule sufficient meet togs get the job done. when the job needs to get done and very proud of my recommendation and work that's been done by david campos and all of you. each and every day. but at this time, hope that he's -- these thoughts can be considered by the board. and action is taken. thank you. president chiu: next speaker.
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>> three weeks ago, this was going to be an open and transparent process and then last -- the week before last, nobody was here. last week, it was -- a pretty rude reporter obviously doesn't understand metaphors, he was down on chris daly for bringing up, you know, like maybe we should test the car. maybe we should see what's going on. i can tell you if we had an open and transparent process, maybe it would be a reality show. maybe we could bring in money for this city and expose the qualities of every mayoral candidate. such as myself. and other people who may not be so well-known but might be the right ones with the true spirit of st. francis. i mean, after all, you might catch the spirit of st. francis. with that kind of fire burning,
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people may come to see us burn. and that's -- that spirit is strong in somebody's like myself. somebody who has given themselves to god as a kid. here's a song for you. little girl in the garden. she digs and she plants. and she plant a rose bush beside the garden path. snap, crack, mr. johnson's foot, he broke the rose bush, he broke it, it's a stem. oh, no. oh, no. little nelie cried. please, no. nobody listens to her. people blamed nellie. nellie belly swelly, nellie belly swelli. nellie goes to the dark. she goes and returns and takes away her toys. nellie, no more a child, nellie no more a child.


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